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Think Spring: Find the Right Patio Doors for Your Home

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It’s almost time to put away the winter coat – spring is here! With every season transition comes indoor and outdoor changes to your home, as well. This spring, it might be time to reexamine your doors and take advantage of your patio once again. Patio doors are an important part of any home; they let sunlight and warmth into your living space and they offer that important gateway into the joy of spring.

Adding or exchanging patio doors can necessitate a lot of research, however. There are unique styles and material options to pick from, but one of the most vital preferences can be deciding among a hinged or sliding patio door. Both offer unique advantages, but which choice is right for your Sunset Hills home? Here are a few thoughts from the team at Pella Windows and Doors:

  • Hinged patio doors – These add a touch of sophistication to your home and can end up being the focal point of any room they are in. They offer a wide doorway, which can be great if you imagine your patio door will see a lot of foot traffic. The large opening is also great for passing furniture or food through – the perfect door for entertaining. Pella Windows and Doors offers multi-point locking for added security on a hinged patio door, as well.
  • Sliding patio doors – If the room that your patio door is in is constricted, a sliding patio door might be a good choice seeing as it doesn’t involve room to swing a door open. The smooth glass doors can brighten up any room, ushering in more sunlight and opening the space. Pella Windows and Doors offers footbolt options to let the sliding door open about three inches for ventilation.

Every home is distinct and requires something a little different, which is why the hinged and sliding patio door options are so singular and appealing to various needs. Whatever material you prefer – wood, fiberglass, vinyl or something else – our professionals at Pella Windows and Doors in Sunset Hills can find the best type of patio door for you.

If you have any questions about picking a patio door, give the experts at Sunset Hills’s Pella Windows and Doors a call at (314) 207-0622 or schedule an appointment with us online. Don’t forget about sprucing up your patio this spring and prep your home for the spring weather!

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